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Identity + Presence

The association between Identity and Presence is closely linked and born from the individual's awareness of how they wish to portray themself and their value they bring to the experience. A Presence occurs where an individual demonstrates their identity (usually around 2.7) in an active manner offering views, suggestions or opinions.

Presence + Co-Presence

Presence and Co-Presence are hand in glove characteristics when open channels of communication are within the experience. They can easily become disconnected when communication becomes fragmented when the messages/feedback is misunderstood.

Identity + Presence + Co-Presence

Alignment of Identity, Presence and Co-Presence often results in an individual showing an active involvement in the experience. At ease with expressing their views they will be receptive to other diverse views.

Identity + Presence + Co-Presence + Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence coupled with Identity, Presence and Co-Presence affords the individual to excersise their influence or impact on the collective outcome from the experience. An Emotional Intelligence score of 2.7 and above suggests the individual is highly aware of their influencing abilities.

Presence + Co-Presence + Emotional Intelligence + Immersion

In this association, if Emotional Intellgence is below 2.7 despite the other levers being above the benchmark, at times the individual may not be aware of how they are affecting others. Focussing only on their own view of the world may result in their loss of Identity .

Identity + Presence + Co-Presence + Emotional Intelligence + Immersion

If all fiver levers are aligned and return a score of 2.7 or above, the individual feels able to express themselve in a positive and influencing manner - This is called the Benchmark.


A score of 2.7 or above across all Five Levers is considered as the 'Benchmark' where participants believe their visibility can exericse to and fro communication expressing their knowledge and skills in a balanced behavioural manner. Continuous feedback from other participants in the experience can influence the activites, experience, or the outcome. Stimulated by the alignment of their Identity, Presence, Co-Presence, Emotional Intelligence (A score above 2.7) encourages them to be immersed and invested in the experience creates the feeling of 'being there'.