Global research study measuring people's ontological 'sense of being' in social, home or work experiences.




Identity is the characteristics of how we subjectively view ourself and others within the 'community' we form. Identity includes how we display ourself to the outside world in what we wear, our expressions and choice of language.


Presence is viewed as a sensing cognitive belief that one is present in the environment. Presence is about how we exercise our identity to convey information in both virtual and real world locations.



Co-Presence is the association formed between Identity and Presence where connectedness is present with communication flowing back and forth between community members.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is best described as being aware of one’s own emotions and how to channel them so that the behaviour is considered and control in different situations (Mayer et al 1992)



Slater and Wilbur (1997) describe Immersion as “being there” . " the psychological state characterised by perceiving oneself to be enveloped by, included in, and interacting in Witmer and Singer (1998) .

Five Levers

Five Levers is a framework that captures unspoken characteristics people require to feel engaged and invest themselves in an activity, a discussion, or being part of an environment or other participatory task.


Activities might be a teaching session; perhaps you are giving the session or being a delegate. Equally, you might contribute as an active or passive learner in online social exchange, academic discourse, emailing sharing of information or giving feedback or viewpoint. Public speaking or being interviewed for a position are among the possibilities where the Five Levers are present. The sense of being in any context is both unconsious and conscious awareness of the intrinsic characteristics that motivate people to want to be involved, invest themselve in, immerse into.

Five Levers is a research project that occurred from the publication of Mode Neutral pedagogy where the control of learning moved from the teacher to the learner - This dynamic shift raised two important question (1) 'What motivates a learner to learn in Mode Neutral?' and (2) 'What is the bedrock to this new pedagogy?'.


Asking these question has led to five emerging themes within the data set; the ominpresence of the five themes in different studies highlighted participants' believe Identity, Presence, Co-Presence, Emotional Intelligence, and Immersion are essential to any learner interaction. Close associations between the five levers highlight new phenomenons that can be easily explained. This wil be visible in the Discussion tab


How easy can Five Levers be transferred to different contexts, is the next question the researcher is trying to understand. The research studies undertaken so far have been within educational context; the next logical step is to test this framework and theory in employment and social settings.


This website invites anyone involved in any social, home or employment experience to complete the questionnaire/survey.


All submitted questionnaires are anonymous and individual's identity are protected. The questionnaire outputs live data on the Results tab where viewers can compare and contrast data across different settings and experiences.